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There have been numerous studies done over the past few years in this area, many focusing on the effects of exercise intensity in both animals and humans.

Exercise intensity in particular should be monitored for both the regular exerciser and the non- exerciser.

However, it is accepted that the physiological adaptations of a healthy pregnant women and fetus appear adequate to deal with a reasonable level of exercise during pregnancy . 

There are various advantages of moderate controlled exercise in pregnancy, including:

  • Less backache, improved posture and a reduction of pregnancy symptoms

  • Faster postnatal recovery 

  • Control of excess weight gain

  • Better circulation

  • Reduction in common pregnancy complaints ( leg cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome, high/low blood pressure...) 



Post natal exercise can be start 6 weeks after the birth. These include : 

  • Retone the pelvic floor 

  • Retone abdominal muscles

  • Develop good technique in basic daily tasks

  • Regain good posture 

  • Facilitate weight loss 

And i can look after your baby while you are exercising. 

If pregnancy and delivery are uncomplicated, a mild exercise programme consisting of walking and pelvic floor exercise may begin immediately.  

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