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Post Natal 

before after transformation avant apres

***1st May 2019 to 9th August 2019***

12 weeks transformation 💪🏻 I am very proud of this mum of 4 kids! 
Her plan consisted of 2 workouts a week with me for the 1st month then we switched to 3 workouts a week + a clean diet.
She took a one month break because she went on holiday but she kept eating clean with minimum cheating days and kept herself active everyday( small workout / walking / swimming / playing with the kids... )


*** 3 weeks transformation ***

I am so proud of this mum of 3 kids!

Her plans consiste of 2 workouts a weeks+ clean diet plan .
1 workout with me  + 1 workout i ve design for her and some exercices that you can find on my feed.

*** 3 semaines entre ces 2 photos***

Je suis très fière de cette maman de 3 enfants!
Elle s'entraine 2 fois par semaine à la maison; 1 session avec moi + 1 entrainement que je lui donne à faire seule et les exercices que vous trouvez dans mes posts. + un suivi alimentaire en fonction de ses besoins.

Screenshot 2021-09-06 at 15.20.43.png

*** 7 months transformation***


"I never felt so strong and good in my body, which after a pregnancy was not what i could expect. 
I also learnt to love sports and to go behind what i think i coul do" 

I am so proud of this mum! 
We started with a core rehab program after her pregnancy. 
Then the plans consisted of 2 workouts a week with me + a clean diet. 

She is very motivated person to coach because  she always come up with new challenges to push herself. 

*** 7 months transformation ***



Superbe transformation de cette femme et maman avec qui j'ai commencé à travailler aprés sa 1ere grossesse . 

Nous avons continué pendant sa 2 ème grossesse puis nous avons repris dans l'objectif d'une perte de poids 
-11kg de perdu grâce à une alimentation saine faite sur mesure mais sans frustration et à 3 entrainements par semaine. 
Je suis trés fiere d'elle ! 

🇬🇧 Wonderful transformation of this women and mum . I started to seeing her after her first pregnancy .

I have been training with her during her 2nd pregnancy then she wanted to loose weight.
11kg lost with a personalised diet plan and 3 workout a week. 
I am so proud of her !!! 

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