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About me 

Passionate about body mechanics since high school, I first studied in the medical field.


Then I studied sport- and health-related subjects to combine my two passions.


Sports, and more specifically fitness and bodybuilding is a second passion which was an increasingly important part of my schedule.


In 2009, I graduated and obtained my BPJEPS AGFF in Paris where I worked in various gyms then I am specialised Exercise in Prenatal and Postnatal exercices. 

I want to help women to keep their body on track during and after pregnancy . 

I liked the personalized support and started to teach privately at home or outdoor to help people reach their personal goals.


Living in London for the past 8 years, I keep working as a private trainer at home, in the parks .  

Personal trainer london

Personal trainer & fitness instructor level 4

french personal trainer

Programs and fees 

pilates french personal trainer

Pilates are a practise well acknowledged by everybody but then again few really what it really consist of and what body part is the focus.


It a technique which train efficiently the muscles of the body, the balance and posture.

The advantage of this workout is that it is suitable for all ages and every levels in addition to also being appropriate for pregnant women. 

pre post natal french personal trainer
Ante-post natal 


You absolutely can and it’s even advised to keep practising sports during pregnancy if you are allowed by your GP.


A few hours of training a week will improve your posture, will prepare you for labour, sooth back pain and will give you more energy.

They will also help your sleep.

They will help getting back in shape after childbirth.


But what movement can you do? How to be sure it’s not dangerous? How long must last a session? Can I do abs?


- Abdominal diastasis treatment 

- Pelvic floor muscles exercise 

- Abdominal reconditioning 


fitness legging personal trainer london park

You feel weaker, stressed, you suffer from back pain. Generally, these factors are present because you stopped practising sports or because you have a sedentary life.


Sessions of muscle strengthening and stretching will be necessary to make you feel better.



We will define together your targets, your needs, assess your level and set up a planning according to your availability.

Cancellation policy: Please notify me at least 24h in advence or the full fee might be charged.


Contact me 

Tel : 07 756 294 865

Email :

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