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Running: How to train for a race?

Whether you are a beginner or an experience runner, you need to follow a training plan in order to be ready for a race.

Your training will vary depending on the distance of the race.

1st step: Register for a race

The first step, if not already done, will be to choose a distance and register for a race. ideally you want to choose a race that is in minimum 12 weeks from now so you have plenty of time to train to be in the best shape on race day.

2nd step: Define your goal

Once you know which race you will run, the distance, the route (if its hilly or not) you can define your goal. If it is your first race or the first time you run this distance, finishing the race can be your goal.

If you are more experienced, your goal can be to not walk during the race, you can also set a time limit in which you would like to finish the race, etc.

3rd step: Choose a training plan

The next step will be to choose a training plan in order to achieve your goal. There is plenty of free training plan on internet that you can follow. You can also work with a personal trainer to create a plan tailored to you, your fitness level and your goal. Of course this will come with a cost but having a training plan just for you will be more efficient to help you achieve your goal and avoid injuries. and become a better runner.

Depending on your goal, you will need to run 3, 4 times a week so your body get used to the effort. 1 run will be a longer one, you can also include interval runs or hills sprints which will help you increase your speed.

Don’t forget to also include strength training during your week. Strong muscles will help you run better with good form and most importantly avoid injuries!

Low impact activities such as cycling or swimming are also great to add to your training, as it will allow you to work on your cardio without increasing the impact on your joints and muscles.

Last step: start the training!

Now that you are all set, you can just follow your training plan until race day!

Nutrition and recovery are ao key aspect of your training.


Make sure that you go to bed early (you can even nap during the day if that’s an option for you), and stretch your muscle a few times a week.


As your increase the amount of training you do, you will probably need to increase your calorie intake to maintain your body weight. After each training session make sure to have carbs and proteins in your next meal or snack to help your muscles recover. Drink plenty of water and limit alcohol to avoid dehydration.

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