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I have been training with Maud for almost 3 years and she has helped me through 2 pregnancies with adapted exercises for each period.
Maud is very knowledgeable and friendly - she is always well prepared for her sessions, they are personalised and varied. I would highly recommend hiring Maud for your PT needs!
Thank you Maud, thanks to you I enjoy exercising more, know my body better and feel stronger than ever!

Chloe, 34 years 

I highly recommend Maud. She is very patiente, listening to your need and adapt the training and schedule to you.

She makes me enjoy sport.

Myriam, 31 years

I started seeing Maud after giving birth and have been training with her on a weekly basis for 2 years now .

Maud helped me get my whole physical condition back after my pregnancy .

Maud's session are always challenging, diversified and very adapted to your body and what you need to improve or develop to feel better and more relaxed.

I definitely recommend ! 

Pauline, 32 years 

Great Personal Trainer perfect for every stage in your life prenatal/postnatal or just normal!

Marion, 30 years 

Maud is an awesome PT; she always comes very well prepared to the lessons, with can be hard work but are always fun!

Having her come to my house for the last few months has been the highlight of my week!

Would definitely recommend her to my friends.

Merci Maud!

Emilie-Camille 34 years 

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