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After trying many times, you haven’t managed to lose weight and have the body you want. 


A training, diet or sleep problem???

All these factors are to be taken into account in the weight loss process.  


I offer a first free chat to define together your targets, your needs, assess your level and set up a planning according to your availability.


weight loss before after transformation
weight loss before after transformation



1st May 2019 to 9th August 2019

12 weeks transformation 💪🏻

I am very proud of this mum of 4 kids! 

Her plan consisted of 2 workouts a week with me for the 1st month then we switched to 3 workouts a week + a clean diet.

She took a one month break because she went on holiday but she kept eating clean with minimum cheating days and kept herself active everyday( small workout / walking / swimming / playing with the kids... )

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